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Question: How to get a list of open tables?

Question: How to get a list of open tables? in ObjectPAL topic (part of our Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding group).

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Baton Rouge, LA USA

Is there a way to use enumOpenDatabases() or enumDatabaseTables() to get a list of all databases that I currently have opened? Or better yet to get a list of what tables other users ( enumusers() ) have open? I have been trying to figure out a way to write this but so far no luck. Any suggestions out there ?

 Posted 10 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 4/16/2010 1:42:41 PM
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Location=Baton Rouge, LA USA 
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I don't know any way to see what tables are opened, but you could examine the lock files (PDOXUSRS.LCK) to see what tables are locked, which should give you the info you're seeking.  But unfortunately the lock file structures are as complex as the table file structures, and Borland never committed to publishing any of its file structures.  But fortunately a couple of Borland techs did write a whitepaper on BDE table locking.  But unfortunately the description is incomplete, and the files are difficult to analyze.  But fortunately I have written a utility (Google 'lockwise bde', or go to http://home.comcast.net/~j.breveleri/lockwise.html) to read and monitor the BDE lock files on a local network.  But unfortunately it only displays the information in real time and does not generate logs (although you can print the realtime dispalys).  But fortunately it is open-source (GPL) so you can read the code and, together with the whitepaper, perhaps understand and read the lock files.


 Posted 10 years ago
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Thread Started 4/22/2010 6:14:47 PM
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