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Massive amounts of appends

Massive amounts of appends in Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP) topic (part of our Visual FoxPro group).

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If I had 1000 servers scrapping (spidering) the web, at say the Amazon  Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Could Foxpro append massive amounts of data?

Is there a upper limit to the amount of record locks and unlocks (with "append blank" or "insert into") that can be processed per second, minute or hour?

Has anybody written about this before?

Is there a breakdown point?

Is there a failure point? If there is, what would fail, eventually, if you continued to add servers?

Or is there a slow down point where it isn't worth having x amount of "append blanks" where they just start blocking each other?

As usual, you folks are fantastic.


 Posted 11 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 6/16/2010 12:03:36 PM
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Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT
Prestwood IT office in Citrus Heights, CA

Yes, there are limits to database inserts. The more robust the database product, the more it can handle. In fact, the more robust hardware it is running on, the more it can handle. For example, with FoxPro, if you're inserting into xBASE (a file based dBASE DB) then you'll be much more limited than for example to MS SQL 2008 which can handle more than SQL 2005. Anyway, I hope that gives you an idea. Follow up with an additional question if you wish.

Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT Solutions

 Posted 11 years ago
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Thread Started 6/20/2010 9:25:52 PM
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Most "enterprise" database engines have one or more bulk load techniques.  For example, PostgreSQL has "COPY FROM", MySQL has "LOAD DATA INFILE", and Oracle has its Data Pump, its SQL*Loader, and some kind of native import utility.  Smaller "convenience" engines such as FoxPro, Access, and BDE do not have bulk insert methods.  If you absolutely must insert large amounts of data quickly, you will need to move to a database that supports bulk insertion.

I suspect that if a database engine does not allow bulk insertion, then it is also not recommended for any heavy lifting, such as large record counts, many simultaneous users, deeply nested subqueries, etc.  So that even if you could get your FoxPro installation to accept data rapidly, you would soon encounter other frustrating limitations.


 Posted 11 years ago
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Reply Posted 6/23/2010 1:17:23 PM
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