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Query help

Query help in MS Access Interactive topic (part of our Microsoft Access group).

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Ankeny, -- UNK
Hope this is the right section to post this in.
I'm a bit stumped on how to create a query that will give me the average of a column for a specified range of years by location and the data by location for the current (or other) specified year.

My table (Weather) looks something like this:

Location, Year, Temperature

MS, 2007, " "
IA, 2007, 86
TN, 2007, 92
MS, 2008, 96
IA, 2008, 89
TN, 2008, 93
MS, 2009, 94
IA, 2009, -999
TN, 2009, -999

I have a buddy that gave me the SQL for the Average part:

"avg(case when TEMPERATURE != -999 then TEMPERATURE else null end) TEMP_AVG,"

What I'm wanting to do is convert this to work in Access and specify the years I want to average (YEAR >=2007 AND YEAR <=2008).  My dataset will include temperature data for the past 50 years, but I want to average the temperature for a specified 10 period and return the temerature for a specific year.  I have form that will ask for a year.  Code behind for will take that year and calculate the 10 years previous.  I hope to then oreturn the temperature for the year the user specified as well as the 10 year average temperature.

Is this possible from one query? I'm pretty sure I'll have to use nested Iff's for the average to work with the null and -999 values, just not sure on the syntax. Also don't know how to work with the year ranges without getting some "not part of an aggregate function" error.

Any help/insight will be greatly appreciated!
 Posted 10 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 12/13/2010 7:42:23 AM
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