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Best technique for newly inserted blank records???

Best technique for newly inserted blank records??? in ObjectPAL topic (part of our Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding group).

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#Formdata1  Var

  FD1_uiO    uiObject

  FD1_tC      tCursor

#Formdata1  Arrive


  a_logl       logical

  s_str         string

  n_lInt       longInt


  if (eventInfo.isPreFilter())  then

     ;;//for each object (i.e. box, mro, container, field)

     if (active.class  = "Field")  then

         s_str  = self.TableName

         a_logl = FD1_tC.open(FD1_uiO)




     ;;//for Form only

     s_str  = self.name

     a_logl = FD1_uiO.attach(s_str)

     s_str  = self.TableName

     a_logl = FD1_tC.open(FD1_uiO)


#Formdata1  Proc

proc           arriveFieldObject()


  a_logl       logical

  s_str         string

  n_lInt       longInt

  o_uiO       uiObject

  fieldObjectName_str  string

  fieldName_str  string


;;  scenerio where user presses [Ins] key

     a_logl  =  FD1_uiO.recordStatus("New") 

     a_logl.view ("Viewing Record Status...")    ;;  CORRECTLY displays "True"

     a_logl  =  FD1_tc.recordStatus("New") 

     a_logl.view ("Viewing Record Status...")    ;;  INCORRECTLY displays "False"

     fieldObjectName_str   = "fieldName_01"

     a_logl  = o_uiO.attach(fieldObjectName_str)

     s_str  = o_uiO.value

     s_str.view ("Viewing contents of fieldName...")  ;; CORRECTLY displays blank

     fieldName_str  = "fieldName 01" 

     s_str  = FD1_tc.(fieldName_str) 

     s_str.view("Viewing contents of fieldName...")  ;; INCORRECTLY displays contents from the next record


Manually, in Paradox Workspace

[Format][Data Model]  ;; to add table to data model

"Right-click" [Define Field]   ;; to add each field to form


Obviously, FD1_tc  does not "see" the newly inserted blank record.

Whereas, FD1_uiO does "see" the newly inserted blank record through the eyes of the form.

As a programmer/developer,

    I would prefer to use the FD1_tc."fieldName 01"  notation

        over the use of the FD1_uiO."fieldName_01"  notation

    I guess that this is a carryover from my [tableName->fieldName 01] PDOX for DOS days.


What is the best technique for referencing newly inserted blank records???

I have been giving thoughts to the use of FD1_uiO(postRecord)

 Posted 6 years ago (Thread Starter)
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