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TCursor open errors - random

TCursor open errors - random in ObjectPAL topic (part of our Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding group).

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Hi, we have a POS application running on Pdox RT version 10 in Win 7 32bit corporate environment and we are running into random TCursor open errors.

The process that runs takes quite some time and is run daily. The tables that we are seeing the issue with are located across the network and are accessed using aliases as you see below. The process works through a couple hundred tables with some tables having roughly 100-200K records. We see the issue on newer, smaller tables as well as older larger tables.

We may not hear from them for a week or 2, then suddenly they start reporting these random TCursor open errors throughout the day during other reporting processes and we have not been able to pinpoint the cause.

We have the same application running on other clients and never see this issue. 

After one of the errors occur, we copy the table over to examine and it opens fine. Table repair also checks out fine as well.


Nothing fancy, just trying to open a TCursor...

if not gTC.open(":s_gh:gift.db") then



Thanks in advance for any input! Let me know if youhave any questions that might help determine the cause.

 Posted 59 months ago (Thread Starter)
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My guess would be that the client's networking is dropping the connections to the remote drives over time. 

Do they use WiFi?  A microwave making popcorn in the afternoon can kill this connection

Do they automatically download Windows updates?  If they leave Runtime open overnight, and the server reboots, the clients will have 'unknown' tcusor errors.

What is the specific error you are receiving?  In your open(), do you do an 'errorShow()' right after that?  It will help you narrow down what is wrong.

If this process is only run periodically, you could schedule a Windows backup/zip of the remote files, download them to the Pdox RT computer, unzip them and run your process locally.  This would at least get rid of the network errors, and probably speed up the process considerably.


Jim Moseley

Jim Moseley
 Posted 59 months ago
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Reply Posted 11/27/2015 8:34:27 AM

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