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Anders on C# versus Java

Anders on C# versus Java in C# & WinForms topic (part of our C# (Visual C# & VS.Net) group).

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Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT
Prestwood IT office in Citrus Heights, CA
The following is a clip from another web site I thought everybody might enjoy. It was authored by Peter Coffee.

'When I met with Microsoft language architect Anders Hejlsberg, he described C# (C sharp) as "the first true component-oriented language in the C/C++ family." The programming model of components with associated data (properties) and behaviors (events) is supported more naturally by C#, than by Java, he said. "[Java] emulates properties with naming conventions for access methods and emulates event handlers with adapters and plumbing," said Hejlsberg. Both Java and C++ enable a component-oriented style of programming, he agreed, but he drew the distinction that in those languages, "components are not first-class"├╣meaning that in C#, simple operations such as changing the label on a graphical button control are handled with simpler syntax and fewer lines of code because the button is a component that takes responsibility for its own look and feel. Component orientation, said Hejlsberg, lets developers embed their software in any of the several environments where customers will want access to Web services. Following is a comparison of the characteristics of C++, Java & C#.'

Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT Solutions

 Posted 19 years ago (Thread Starter)
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About Mike Prestwood

Mike Prestwood is a drummer, an author, and creator of the PrestwoodBoards online community. He is the President & CEO of Prestwood IT Solutions. Prestwood IT provides Coding, Website, and Computer Tech services. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1,200 articles. As a drummer, he maintains play-drums.com and has authored 3 drum books. If you have a project you wish to discuss with Mike, you can send him a private message through his PrestwoodBoards home page or call him 9AM to 4PM PST at 916-726-5675 x205.

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Thread Started 9/17/2001 11:19:00 AM
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I understand that the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio will NOT contain Visual Interdev. Is this true?

I also hear that it will be integrated into the other products. Has anyone seen this yet? Any news? Comments?

Michael A. Prestwood
Author, Corel Paradox 9 Power Programming: The Official Guide

President & CEO
Prestwood Software & Consulting
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Citrus Heights, CA 95610

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 Posted 8 years ago
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