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CGI scripts on a windows 2000 server

CGI scripts on a windows 2000 server in WWW Website Owners topic (part of our Website Owners group).

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Hello out there. Im having problems running cgi scripts on a prestwood hosted windows 2000 server no matter what the script it brings up the message 'd:\webs\ind186\cgi-bin\directory\index.cgi' script produced no output when it works fine on a unix server. Im thinking that i need the correct path to perl and i have no idea what that could be i called tech support and they said sure theyed help me (for 110 bucks an hour) (the pop3 e-mail doesnt work either) does anybody else out there have a windows hosted plan and is able to use cgi/perl scripts? please tell me what im doing wrong here
 Posted 18 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 11/9/2001 10:15:00 AM
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On every CGI script at the top there is a path to Perl. It usually looks like this: 



Normally, anything following '#' is considered to be a comment, but the first line in a script is the exception. Frequently, you will have to configure scripts in order to work on your server, especially those that write to files such as counters and guest books. It is important to understand the difference between URLs and server paths. A URL looks like the lines you type into your browser window:


A server path tells the server where to find a file. You'll need to ask your ISP for the correct server path to your root directory. Subdirectories are added to this path. For instance, suppose your server path is


Now let's say that you must put all your CGI scripts in a special subdirectory named 'cgi-bin'. The correct server path to your scripts would then be


 Posted 7 years ago
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