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breaking up a string in VB

breaking up a string in VB in VB Classic Other topic (part of our Visual Basic Classic group).

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-- USA

heres my prob...the user inputs some info from a text box (they are two coordinates ie 200, 500)

what i need to do it break this number up, so that i can assign 2 variables, ie one that is 200 and the other 500

soooo basically the input is: 200, 500
and the output i want is: 200 and 500 each thier own value, without the comma in there at all....can anyone help with the code? or just type the code for me?

 Posted 18 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 3/4/2002 6:25:00 PM
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Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT
Prestwood IT office in Citrus Heights, CA

Here's a little code snippet to demonstrate. Declare MyArray as an array, i as an integer, and pKeywords as a string.

pKeywords = "VB,OO,C#,Delphi"
MyArray = Split(pKeywords, ",", -1, 1)
If UBound(MyArray) > 0 Then
  For i = 0 to UBound(MyArray)
    '...do something with MyArray(i)...
End If

Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT Solutions

 Posted 10 years ago
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Thread Started 5/28/2010 8:25:13 AM
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Lodi, CA
you can either use instr to find the comma or split to create an array out of your string and read each array element.
Eric Neff
C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, Oracle
 Posted 18 years ago
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Reply Posted 3/7/2002 9:49:00 AM
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