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Help with CSV file creation using VBA

Help with CSV file creation using VBA in Access VBA Programming topic (part of our Microsoft Access group).

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Could anyone help with this problem, I am developing an App using VBA and I create a query and then print # line by line to a Comma Seperated Value file, .CSV, one of the fields is a barcode thats 13 chars in length e.g. 9732781902314 , when I open up the CSV file in Excel, the format is scientific i.e. 9E+05 etc.. and I need it to treat it as a string but it thinks its a number. The field in Access is a text field??

I will be giving the file to another who needs it to read as a string without having to format it in Excel because I believe the formatting is general and is treated as scientific in excel if it is above a certain size.

It is giving me a major headache!!, thanks.

 Posted 18 years ago (Thread Starter)
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i have 2 suggestions...one is create a macro in Excel to change the column to text, or the second would be to insert a " " or some other text character either to the beginning or the end of the barcode

select " " & barcode as barcode

this should make excel view the cell as text
 Posted 18 years ago
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Thread Started 4/15/2002 6:59:00 AM
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