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JMS and EJB Integration

JMS and EJB Integration in J2EE topic (part of our Java group).

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Deleted Member
I have been very confused about the inclusion of JMS as part of the J2EE API.
Given the Synchronous Nature of all calls to EJB's as well as the constraints mandating that the EJB container delegate all calls to the bean I was unable to comprehend how an EJB could react to an asynchronous mesage.

An EJB could publish a message, but how could a message be mapped to a method invocation of an EJB.

I have thought of many "hacks" or workarounds and I actually came to the
conclusion that a new type of bean would have to be supported. After reaching this conclusion I did find some supporting evidence in the JMS specification v1.2.

"JMS will be an important resource available to EJB component developers. It can be used in conjunction with other resources like JDBC to implement enterprise services.

The current EJB specification defines beans that are invoked synchronously via method calls from EJB clients. A future release of EJB will add a form of asynchronous bean that is invoked when a JMS client sends it a message. "
 Posted 20 years ago (Thread Starter)
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