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Paradox Third Party Software, DLLs, and Controls Topic Unanswered Threads

Third party software including Workbench for Paradox, DLLs, DLL usage, psSendMail DLL, ActiveX controls, etc.
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Paradox V9.0 Devl Ed
Howdy All, My HeadAche is that I CANNOT locate a (Genuine) Copy of Paradox V9.0!! If anyone can Help With a Genuine Copy, I would be happy to Puchase Same (Manuals Incld) for a reasonable Price. Trying to find the above is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.. NOT that I'm overly SURPRISED. ANYWAY if U Can Help, Please email me direct on gbash@optusnet.com.au with Words Paradox v9 included in the Subject!! thks PSS: Since Posting  2 day agao I HAVE NOW acquired Corel Paradox 9.0 - TKS ANYWAY!
8 years ago
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Database Synchronisation
Does anybody remember a version of Paradox that was shipped with a synchronisation utility?  The utily was a third party app that would sync a local and remote database so changes in data on one would updated to the other.  I am developing an application that would be deployed on laptops and these would sync with a central database as and when convienient - maybe someone knows a better way to to do this?  We have abandoned terminal services, i haven't even attempted a paraodx web app...
10 years ago
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How to pass a NULL pointer to a DLL
I need to have access to some system DLLs from Microsoft. In some cases it is possible for example to get the size for a transfer/string buffer by passing first a NULL pointer to the function, later allocating space for that buffer and later call the same function with the address of that buffer., , For the second functionality it is necessary to declare the function in the Uses section with a CPTR argument (instead of CLONG, which allows directly to generate the NULL pointer). By this way every variable is passed by its address. How can I now directly pass a NULL pointer to the function without using an intermediate DLL exporting two different functions covering the two different functionalities by calling the desired function in the original DLL with different arguments?
16 years ago
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{Too Long!}
18 years ago
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