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Delphi Prism Topic

Targeting .Net and Mono with Delphi. Delphi Prism is the next generation edition of Delphi.Net (A.k.a. Delphi for .Net).

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17 months ago
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Mike Prestwood
Anyone got Delphi Prism?
Anyone currently using or studying Prism? If so, post here. I'd like to know if you're studying it or using it on a real project. Also, did you use Delphi, Delphi for .Net, Oxygene, or Lazarous? We have a few existing Delphi clients we are migrating from Delphi to Delphi Prism this next quarter but I've got Delphi Prism and I'm primarily studying it right now.  I'm filling in the Prisdm data for my Prism Cross Reference Language Guides.
11 years ago
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Thanks, Next time i search the .net instead of the Prism Wiki.
7 years ago
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Cache in Asp.Net pages
{Too Long!}
10 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
Fix For .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 Delphi 8
I just posted a Delphi 8 fix for the error "Required package Borland$ not found" caused by the .Net Framework service pack 1 update to our knowledge base at the following link:, , Prestwood KB - D8 Fix Link - http://www.prestwood.com/aspsuite/kb/document_view.asp?qid=100270, , This fix worked for me and all of our Delphi 8 developers here at Prestwood. It is a compilation of information from various sources already on the Internet.
15 years ago
1 Reply:

Borland now has a proper fix...www.borland.com.
12 years ago
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