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Client/Server database questions including DataSnap (was Midas), Corba, n-Tier, TClientDateSet, etc.
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Delphi BDE - Directory Busy
{Too Long!}
7 years ago
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problem with the connection in remote Oracle DB
In my application Delphi/oracle using BDE, I copy all the files from the project by a change the PC to another. The project was working without problems in that PC. Well, in this new PC my project can connect to Database in design's time, but when it's start running it's show : general SQL error, ora-03114 not connect to oracle, , I tried the following:, - Check for viruses, - Install the project in another PC, - It's connect in SQL EXPLORER, SQL PLUS even in the TDatabase component in my project., - Any other project is running., , Please help me Confused
18 years ago
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I would like to know if there is any problems with Microsoft SQL 2000 and the BDE. My company just purchase SQL 2000 and we use Delphi 5 enterprise edition, to hit the tables. I am trying to narrow the problem down to see if it the BDE or SQL 2000. Here is what happening, I can setup a alias through DBExplorer ok, and actually see the tables, but I don't see Foreign Key or Primary Keys, Referential , Unique, or Check Contraints. Also I have loaded the driver for SQL 2000 from MS SQL 2000 CD and our DBA has doubled checked and can see the Contraints on his side. If someone can help me or steer me in a directions where I might find a answer I would greatly appreicate it. Oh yes we are running BDE version 5.1.1
18 years ago
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Delphi & MS SQL
Is there a book or any info that is available for using Delphi with MS SQL. My company is in the process of migrating from Paradox to MS SQL and we have run into problems. The main problem is some commands and functions that worked fine with Pardox, do not with MS SQL. Thanks in advance for any advice given.
18 years ago
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