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Traditional Analysis Topic

Non-UML techniques such as data flow diagrams, flow charts, etc.

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Aim oriented IPhone app making
You have to hold little in mind when you make an application. The first point is that the app has a target. You need to know what measures it will take and why an app will be made. According to the IPhone App Development Canada when you are creating or planning for an app you, need objective and vision. Because an app simplifies your task and saves energy and production costs. You need to know whether either entertainment or details would be given by your application; you need to pick the kind for your application. Do you think you can make an app now with the above points?
5 months ago
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we have been providing all kind of cables and wire with advance technology and nice services. we provide Multi cable transit systems  trusted by our users
103 days ago
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Mike Prestwood
What type of analysis do you use?
I'm curious about what type of analysis others are using. Do you write up your requirements in a Word document? Do you use UML? Some tool? Do you write up requirements at all?
12 years ago
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Boy Mike, that is a big question. How much detail do you want? The short answer is that I write up what my client wants and have them review it. Sometimes my write up is just an email for something small and easy. Sometimes I create a formal Word document. I rarely do diagrams but when appropriate, I do.
12 years ago
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