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Paradox table structure, TUtility/Table Repair, and related including accessing Paradox tables from Delphi, .Net, Java, VB, etc.
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clicking on blob field erases content.
Database with 14K entries is back up to a corrupted database with loss of data. Repair shows no corruption. Working currently on Vista (Vista issues clear). Trying to open the blob files contents to rebuild the original deletes individual blob field contents permanently (leaving record and revisiting or closing file and reopening shows the records accessed without their stored objects). I keep hoping someone has an idea about this. it is most likely connected to the original issue of file corruption with disappearance of multiple blob entries. (about four hundred at last count). Exporting the file to a different folder and attempting to access the contents in the exported file = same results.,
7 years ago
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Loss of Blob Field entries.
{Too Long!}
7 years ago
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Table restructure & desktop settings
I am using PDX 11 with Hot Fix 1.  If I try to restructure a table, I receive a "Unexpected general protection violation" error when trying edit the "table lookup" function. Also I am unable to save Desktop Settings once machine is shut down.  They are saved if app is closed and reopened. Can anyone help. Regards, Dick Hill
8 years ago
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StruList Documentation
I have downloaded the StruList Utility, but the Installation documentation is missing.. do you still have that?   The Strulist is experciencing problems and I am sure it is my mistake in installing it via Alias Manager.. I think?
9 years ago
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