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Query by Example and Paradox SQL (A.K.A. Local SQL)
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"out of memory error when running query by form
Query by form script gives "out of memory " error at a set point . Large query. Have tried resetting shared memory but not memory location in BDE. Any ideas here what could be done? ,
8 years ago
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Find duplicate data in a column using query
I have a multiple column table which has a column "A" I want to query "A" and show an answer of all duplicates found.
10 years ago
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Show partial records in paradox Answer table
Hi guys I've got tons of questions regarding paradox with so little time to figure things out. I hope you can help me as soon as possible.  I wrote SQL in paradox to show the results in an Answer table. Let's say I run my query and get a total of 100 records. Now I only want to show 1/4 of it so I need to show 25 records only in the Answer table. Does anyone knows how to do this? *Reminder: the total number of records is dynamic and sometimes I need to divide the total into 5, 4, 3, 2 and the like.. Thanks in advance!
10 years ago
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Primary key and SQL
I'm a noob with paradox and I want to know if it is possible to set a primary key to an existing table using the SQL in paradox? I want to set 2 fields as primary keys. I tried doing it via table resturcture but it keeps giving me the error "Record size is too big for table". Help please thanks!
10 years ago
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