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Paradox Runtime & Distribution Topic Unanswered Threads

Runtime, Paradox Distribution Expert (PDE), and related.
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Paradox 9 Runtime installation guide
Is it possible to get a copy of the Installation guide for Paradox 9 Runtime? I have not been able to find it anywhere. Actually, it turns out that I also need to get the Paradox 9 Runtime files. I downloaded what I thought were the runtime files from Corel's FTP site, but what I got appears to be Service Packs, which only work with an installed version of the base files. , I am an old Paradox developer supporting a legacy app for a customer who doesn't want to switch. Except for this customer I haven't used Paradox in decades and no longer have any documentation.,
6 years ago
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Paradox 9 Runtime - Report with QBE included
{Too Long!}
9 years ago
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Charles Hudson
P9 Project Viewer Anomalies
{Too Long!}
9 years ago
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Randy Allen
Subtle differences between P9 and P9 Runtime
{Too Long!}
9 years ago
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