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Paradox for Windows to/from non-paradox databases such as Access, dBase, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc. including importing and exporting to various formats including Excel, text files, mail merge, etc.
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converting scripts, forms, datamodels
{Too Long!}
7 years ago
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Server Busy?
While working with an OLE Auto object I often receive a "Server Busy" error. , Typically when waiting for a piece of information from the other , application.  Is there a way to extend the timeout to prevent receiving this , message as often?, , The full message is:, "Server Busy: This action cannot be completed because the other program is , busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the , problem." Thanks, Beth,
10 years ago
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Data conversion from paradox to sql server
I need to convert data from a paradox database to sql server. Could anyone suggest which is the best method to do it.
16 years ago
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HowTo: Configure BDE to connect to SQL Server 2000
Gentlemen,, , How do I configure the BDE to connect to SQL Server using MSSQL? I've already done it using ODBC but I wish to avoid the ODBC layer and use the native driver instead., , Thanks!
18 years ago
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importing excel spreadsheets
When using objectpal's procedure importspreadsheet in a form I receive the message "unable to get table field descriptions"., If I use the menu commands (manually) to perform an import first the form subsequently performs as it was meant to until I close and reopen Paradox., This creates a problem for me as you cannot use importdlg with the runtime version. , I am using Paradox 9 with SP4., , [This message has been edited by greentgm (edited March 19, 2001).]
18 years ago
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