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General .Net Concepts Topic

Non-language specific and things that are in common among two or more .Net languages.


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Please Read - .aspx website with .asp code in it.
My entire website is written in .aspx, i have a voting poll that a friend made for me that was written in .asp, I have been trying to research on the internet on how exactly to get my .asp voting poll on my .aspx site. Do any of you .aspx gurus out there know a site with information that could help me get started in the right direction on how i can get this working correctly? Any help is appreciated, thank you very much.
13 years ago
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{Too Long!}
13 years ago
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Connecting to Paradox tables using VS.NET
How do I go about connecting to Paradox tables using VS.NET. I'm new to VS.NET and at the moment feel VB.NET is the way to go. We currently only require to read the Paradox tables (if that makes life easier). We are starting to develop Web sites and initially will access data contained within our legacy Paradox CRM applications. Regards Jon
13 years ago
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Wes, Many thanks for your reply. I have tried to follow your steps. Creating the ODBC is fine. When I come to adding the textbox and accessing the Data | Data Bindings Property I do not have an Advanced option only the '...' button which opens a form entitled 'Textbox1 DataBindings'. This form has all the properties of the textbox but no mention of enabling binding or clicking 'Add Project Datasource' I'm using VS 2003 btw Regards Jon
13 years ago
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.NET VFP Rivalry
I have been hearing a lot as of recently, that there is a rivalry between Visual FoxPro and >NET. For what I understand, users will use one or the other but refuse to use both. Is it true and if so, why? , , I ask simply because I am currently trying to place a position(look under job postings) and there just is VERY little response, and I keep hearing about this rivalry as the reason., , What the heck is going on?
15 years ago
1 Reply:

I've never heard of this rivalry.  Certainly there are languages that I prefer to work in but I don't think I'd ever flat out refuse to code in a certain language (especially if the boss told me to). I'm curious to hear some of the responses and feedback you have received in regards to this 'rivalry' and I'd love to hear from some people who code in one and will not code in the other and their reasoning, etc. 
13 years ago
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