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"Crawler" Message Board Posts

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Bryan Valencia
Google Crawler Issues
{Too Long!}
13 years ago
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"Crawler" Knowledge Base Posts

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1. Computer Troubleshooting People Develop Basketball Court Vision

This article describes a computer troubleshooting appointment I recently had that shows how I could sense a solution to a perplexing problem by way of my developed “basketball court vision”.

Posted to KB Topic: Software
48 hours ago

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Computer Tech

2. Google Android Blog

This is hard trying to nav the boards in my Droid SDK!

Posted to KB Topic: Wireless Networking
9 years ago, and updated 85 hours ago
(19 Entries , last by Elisa.F )

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Computer Tech

Mike Prestwood
3. New Website
New Website: Using our pre-purchased pro-level tools including WordPress, Elementor Pro ($49/yr value), Astra Pro theme ($59/yr value), Ultimate Add-ons ($69/yr value), Elementor Extras (single=$33.50/yr value), Piotnet Addons for Elementor ($35/yr value), Essential Addons for Elementor ($29.97/yr value), and LoginPress Startup ($75/yr value).
Plus, you get updates to these tools as long as we maintain the website. Updates are applied monthly when the website is on our maintenance plan; otherwise, we apply updates whenever we work on your site.
Plus, stock images, videos, graphics, and templates are licensed to your specific website--1x lifetime license ($198/yr value).
Total per year tools value=$512.47. We can bring this value to you at no additional cost because we‘ve spent thousands on unlimited per year licensing. If you close your account with us, your website continues to work forever. If you want updates to the tools we used, you can go directly to the various vendors or ask us for help.

Plan Upgrades:
Maintenance Plan ($225/mo) add
Posted to KB Topic: Web & Marketing Services Info
14 days ago

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Prestwood IT Solutions

4. Creating content is like making cupcakes

An article about  Marketing News.

5 years ago, and updated 14 days ago
(77 Entries , last by david.r5 )

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Website Design & Hosting

Mike Prestwood
5. Hosting+Maintenance+SEO

Managed WordPress Hosting, $345/mo
Billed separately on a monthly SLA.

  • WP Hosting
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Basic Maintenance
  • WP Super Cache, WP Optimize, Duplicate Page, Resize Image After Upload
  • Our core design tools
  • PrestoTheme (Astra Pro), Elementor Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and Elementor Extras.
  • Advanced Monitoring,
  • Monthly Maintenance,
  • Automated Maintenance,
  • $92/hr Rate (Reg. $110),
  • 1 hr Flex-Time/mo,
  • Our core Maintenance Tools (UpdraftPlus Pro, iThemes Security, Activity Log, Broken Links Checker, Security Scan).
  • Monthly SEO Tasks,
  • Our core SEO Tools (SEOPress Pro, Schema Pro, Asset Cleanup, Fast Velocity Minify, WP Compress),
  • PrestoStats Platform (our implementation of Matomo-Piwik), 
  • PrestoSEO Platform (our implementation of SEO Panel). 

Upgrade to our Maintenance Plan ($595/mo), SEO plan plus Convert Pro, PrestoMarketing Platform (our implementation of the Mautic marketing platform combined with Convert Pro).

Posted to KB Topic: Web & Marketing Services Info
16 days ago

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Prestwood IT Solutions

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