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Do anyone Posts

"Do anyone" Message Board Posts


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Anyone knows the correct decrypt code for the wifi
do anyone knows the correct code for the encryption, well we have to decrypt the correct one.
Posted to MB Topic: Linux Coding - General « Linux Board
13 years ago
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Do anyone hear about PopIn Ads before?
I am a new webmaster and I want to promote my web site. So I surf some exchange banner program site. Occasionally, I find one exchange banner program called Popin Ads. I click and see Demo http://popinads.com/preview.php?type=publisher . I feel that this kind of banners are attractive. Do anyone use this kind of banners before? Can you guys share your experience to me? Thanks alot.
Posted to MB Topic: Website Promotion « Owners Board
12 years ago
1 Reply:

I personally do not usually click on banners that take me to another site than the one I am currently viewing, mostly because one is never sure on where exactly it will take you, especially when it is used through some third party service. If the banner does interest me, I'll do a web search for the product or company name and 'attempt' to get more information that way. 
12 years ago
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paradox delivering ....
do anyone experienced in automation deliverig forms, reports etc?, it take a lot of time to deliver each form, report one by one..., , Thanks Fernando
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Forms « Paradox Board
14 years ago
4 replies. Last post:

Thanks a lots for help!, , Tony, i sent you a message about toolbox, , Fernando
14 years ago
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Query Expession for Two Fields where one is great
I have two fields in my query , lets call one Access_amt and the other Total_amt, where I only want the query to print out the record of those who's Total_amt is greater than the Access_amt. I have tried a lot of combinations such as creating a subquery with in the query, but nothing seems to work. Do anyone have any I ideas., , Thanks... , Confused
Posted to MB Topic: MS Access Interactive « Access Board
13 years ago
2 replies. Last post:

Thanks Kal,, , I don't know what I was think about. I was trying to this query which included two other tables and what I should had don't was create the query for that criteria first and then include that query in with the other two tables, which gave me the desired results I was looking for. Again Thanks..
13 years ago
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Loop Command and XLS export
Hi! I have two question/problems. , 1. (Paradox 9) When I try to use the loop command to go to the next increment in a while loop, it crashes my program. It would seem according to help that it should work, and I cannot get it to do so - what I have tried in the while loop is this, if bal = 0 then, loop, endif, What should I be doing?, 2. (Paradox 9 and Excel 2000) When I export, either with exportSpreadsheet or through the gui from Paradox 9 to Excel, the date format does not come in correctly. Dates come in, in the thirty thousands. I can then swipe the column in Excel, format as date, and they are all correct. Do anyone know how to get the date format to come in correctly?, Thanks, Crystal, Confused
14 years ago
5 replies. Last post:

Rick Carter
My installation of SP4 reads version 9.00.883, so evidently you don't have the very latest. If you give me some code to test, I guess I could see if it makes any difference., , If in fact any version made it out the gate without support for the "loop" statement, that's pretty disappointing.
14 years ago
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"Do anyone" Knowledge Base Posts

Mike Prestwood
1. ObjectPAL Development Tools

Corel Paradox for Windows (was Borland Paradox). Also, Borland used to offer a Paradox for DOS tool which support it's Paradox Application Language (PAL) which is not compatible with ObjectPAL. The biggest drawback to Paradox is that Corel does not have anyone at Corel actively developing Paradox for Windows (as opposed to Microsoft Access which does).

Posted to KB Topic: OPAL: Language Basics
12 years ago, and updated 11 years ago

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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

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