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"New Quote" Message Board Posts

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Mike Prestwood
New Quote Post Feature!
Now you can quote a particular thread post as part of your reply. Check out the new Quote option that is part of every post. Cool I also cleaned up the thread view so that it looks a bit cleaner and contains more white space. Each post of a thread is now separated from the other replies and the thread starter always gets a white background (the rest alternate between light gray and lighter gray). Enjoy!
Posted to MB Topic: Just Conversation « PrestwoodBoards Board
13 years ago
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Three out of four? C'mon.  I say 4 out of 4, plus extra anchovies. (My boss made me say that) Wink
13 years ago
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"New Quote" Knowledge Base Posts

Mike Prestwood
1. Prospect, New Server

Establish scope of new server job, discover...

  • Need a server? Create a separate Items ticket(s) for any hardware/software. Seek approval.
  • Determine appropriate migration path for domain controller (upgrade vs start over). Best to start clean.
  • Determine migration path for data.
  • Determine ongoing server support. You can't have a server without a support plan.

Time Estimate: Okay to perform up to 4 hours at no charge. Usually used to evaluate the server and generate quotes. Beyond that, if there are tasks that need to be done prior to proposing or starting a New Server project, do them against this ticket or create a new ticket(s). For example, if they want to clean up data and workstations prior to installing new server.

Goal: If client is ready to proceed, create a separate New Server project ticket for work not performed under this ticket and propose to client.

Posted to KB Topic: Tech Services Info
43 months ago

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