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Paradox Posts

"Paradox" Message Board Posts


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Win 10 and Installation Issue
We need to upgrade some machines from Win 7 to Win 10, and they need to be able to run Paradox 8. 
  • Will that work?
  • Is there a way to install from a CD to a machine with no CD drive?
  • Thanks. Gary
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc. « Paradox Board
    14 years ago
    10 replies. Last post:

    We define large databases as greater than 500,000. We have a number of our own databases with more than 10 million records. We run client databases in 600-700 thousand segments. All code runs 4-5 times slower. Regards, Rich
    14 years ago
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    Thread 4 of 5

    Paradox & Custom ODBC Driver
    Does Paradox support connecting to 3rd party or custom ODBC data sources? I have one installed, see it in the BDE Administrator, but can't find where I can connect to it from within Paradox.
    14 years ago
    13 replies. Last post:

    I got it fixed. I am setting up a new computer and it was working on my old machine so I looked through and compared the registries and found where the ODBC listing shoud be and exported (the one I needed) from the old machine and merged into the new. Here's the location: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Borland\Database Engine\Settings\DRIVERS ... Thanks for your ideas and time fellas. Best.
    14 years ago
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    Thread 3 of 5

    Reading Paradox tables from Access 2007
    I have an Access application that imports data from Paradox tables in an existing, external application (Timeslips by Sage). App was originally written in Access 2003 and I was able to link to several Paradox tables and read them successfully (no update is required). We upgraded to Access 2007 and the existing Paradox links work just fine but I have been unable to create new read-only links to more of the Timeslips' Paradox tables. The new Import wizard assumes a read-write link and then fails with the error:      "Unexpected error from external database driver (11010)." Development is on a Windows7 64-bit machine and deployed to a WindowsXP machine (soon to be upgraded to Windows7). I've tried linking on both machines and NoGo. I've also tried searching the web for code that could handle this but to no avail. Any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this?  Thanks very much.,
    Posted to MB Topic: Access VBA Programming « Access Board
    13 years ago
    61 replies. Last post:

    {Too Long!}
    13 years ago
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    PHP connecting through ODBC for Paradox table(.db)
    {Too Long!}
    Posted to MB Topic: PHP « PHP Board
    14 years ago
    1 Reply:

    It is a file-based database system with each table in a separate file or files., , high-performance metal detector
    14 years ago
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    Thread 1 of 5

    Paradox 11 not printing to network printers
    I have just re-installed my Paradox 11 on a Windowsx64 laptop and I cannot get it to print reports from Paradox reports themselves. However, they work perfectly if I call them up from a form in objectPAL. When I just try to print in a new Paradox sessionm I get a dialogue box that says: Printer interface setup error/ LCAppPrint Initialize failed!  Then Windows 10 just closes the program. I'm not all that good with finding out where my problem lies. Could anyone point me to some solution, please? Tony
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Reports « Paradox Board
    14 years ago
    7 replies. Last post:

    Back after yeeaars in the wilderness. I've tried this again and get the same result. I can print a report if I do it through and objectPAL script. Load the report and print. But if I just open the report, I get the same result and Paradox closes. Also, I can't print things like info structure. Paradox just falls over.
    14 years ago
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    "Paradox" Knowledge Base Posts

      KB Article    

    1. The Laptop Computer Power Jack That Sort Of Almost Worked

    This is a story about a recent troubleshooting appointment I went on where the laptop computer’s “power jack didn’t work, so to speak”.

    Posted to KB Topic: Hardware
    4 days ago

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    Computer Tech

    2. Creating content is like making cupcakes

    An article about  Marketing News.

    6 years ago, and updated 6 days ago
    (91 Entries , last by Dream.d )

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    Website Design & Hosting

    Kim Berry
    3. Kim Berry's Letter to the Editor Kim Berry was published today in the Letters to the Editor section of the Sacramento Bee.
    Posted to KB Topic: Off Shoring
    14 years ago, and updated 12 days ago
    (4 Entries , last by Johnnie.W )

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    American I.T. Workforce

    4. C ++ tags

    I use the C ++ language in the field of coding of microcontrollers, I always monitor new features at Microsoft. But not only coding is a major part of my life. My child is now in college and they are often asked to write essays and I always know where he he can get help. There are great

    essay writer

    Posted to KB Topic: Classic C Language
    13 days ago

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    5. Extension Methods in C#

    Add new methods to predefined types and objects with extension methods (no need to recompile the base code).  To use this extension, all i have to do is include the  namespace ExtensionExample.

    Posted to KB Topic: OOP
    11 years ago, and updated 16 days ago
    (1 Entries , last by Jason.B4 )

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    C# (Visual C# & VS.Net)

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