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Scott Wehrley & feasibility
I am a little unclear on some of the points made in Scott's Feasibility Revisitted in the newsletter, the first being where he talks about paths & checkpoints. He says that an informal feasibility can be delivered verbally or via e-mail. Prior to that Scott said that when a feasibility study is delivered to a customer, it serves as a documented understanding of the project scope and needs. Yet, an informal feasibility study can be delivered verbally. , , Elsewhere, Scott says that after the customer has had a chance to review the feasibility study, he has an opportunity to say No to the project, reduce functionality, scope, etc. Does this infer that cost of project can be determined at this juncture well enough to give a customer a quote so he can make decisions?, , Finally, in robust, is the requirments phase already accomplished when the feasibility is delivered?, , thanks
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13 years ago
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thanks scott - , , Even with small projects, it's amazing how things can be misinterpreted and create far more trouble than the project is literally worth. I assume that you have the customer sign an agreement and in the agreement it is stated what specific work will be performed. This would then be your documentation., , By the way, I truly appreciated your article. It actually was a good interface to what I've read so far of PSDP.
13 years ago
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