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develop case based Posts

"develop case based" Knowledge Base Posts

Mike Prestwood
1. Prestwood MVC Shell

A flexible, get it done, ASP.Net MVC implementation based on standard traditional techniques. Appropriate for our Informal/Formal paths. The PM will NOT ensure the same coding techniques are used for all coding in favor of a satisfy the requirements approach. Syntax consistency is ensured by the development tool. Consistency of coding techniques is encouraged with good communication among the coders. Good solid coding techniques are used in all cases. Acceptable techniques which are limited in our MVVM architecture include direct access to the database bypassing an implemented data layer, use of autoinc keys over GUIDS, heavier use of database views, and stored procedures.

C# Web Application using ASP.Net MVC to MS SQL.


  1. Setup basic shell database (user tables added in a separate task).
  2. Menu system with Admin menu added (user menu options added in a separate task).
  3. Login screen.
  4. Admin menu user management option with supporting form with defined users: Admin, and User.
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43 months ago, and updated 43 months ago

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