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Mike, can I use these features? I remember you posted that you wanted to surface those features to all members at some point. Did you ever do that?
Posted 9 years ago
PSDP Checkpoints
A checkpoint is NOT a task, but rather a milestone. A point in the project that marks significant progress. Although PSDP contains many standard checkpoints, the executive sponsor and project manager must agree on the checkpoints they wish to track. Once established, tasks can be associated with a checkpoint and you can easily view what tasks are completed per checkpoint and what checkpoints do NOT have tasks established yet.
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How do you think this move will impact the CodeGear products such as Delphi, C++Builder, and Interbase?
Posted 11 years ago
It's Done: Borland is No More
Micro Focus buys Borland. The decline of Borland is now complete.
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Thank you for posting this. Just what I needed.
Posted 12 years ago
Get all components in an ASPX page recursively
Retrieves an array of all the components of any given type within a starter control (such as a page, table, panel, etc.)  This routine is recursive and will keep iterating down until all the embedded components are found. This C# code can be invoked to produce an array as  follows: CheckBox[] myCheckboxes = GetAllCheckboxes(Table1); ,
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I logged this today and want to know if it's a hack or not:, |www.mywebsite.com/apage.asp%3Fqid%3D100084&prev=/tr, |anslate_s%3Fhl%3Dpt-PT%26q%3Djava%2Bvisitor%26tq%3DJava%2Bvisitor%26sl%, |3Dpt%26tl%3Den%26start%3D40
Posted 12 years ago
Security Tips: 13 Ways to Harden Your Code
13 things you can do to make your code more secure, general advice about the rest of it, PLUS YOUR COMMENTS and experiences.
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Nice new feature Mike. However, the page is a bit skimpy. Do you mind if we feature a few more threads?
Posted 13 years ago
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