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  From the July 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Repair Paradox Tables
Posted 13 years ago on 6/5/2008 and updated 4/11/2010
Take Away:

Step by step instructions for repairing your Paradox tables.


Professional Repair Services
If you are not a technical person, or you need help repairing your corrupt paradox tables, or you want ongoing Paradox support, you can open a Prestwood Support Account and we'll help your company maintain your Paradox tables and/or Paradox for Windows application.

Do-it Yourself!

If you own Paradox for Windows, you can verify and/or rebuild any table.
--Mike Prestwood

If you wish to maintain your own Paradox tables, then you need to become familiar with Table Repair so you can fix corrupt Paradox tables and indexes. Table Repair offers both verify and repair options. However, if you are experiencing problems, please understand that verify only checks a few known problem areas, it does not know every possible problem. You MUST rebuild the table in order to be sure it has no problems. I've rebuilt thousands of Paradox tables and, if the data is in the table, it will repair it -- almost always. Out of the thousands of times I've only run into about a half dozen times when a rebuild failed but the data was still semi-usable. Under that scenario, I exported the data to a text file. Recreated the table from scratch (do not borrow the table structure), then imported the text data. Again, this is extremely rare but you should be aware of this situation in case you run into it.

However, if the data isn't in the file, Table Repair will not help. You need to restore from a backup. One for sure example of this is if you know the data in the .DB data file is a certain size (i.e. 30MB), but the .DB file for the table you are repairing is much smaller (i.e. 3MB), then the data physically doesn't exist and Table Repair will not help. Restore from a backup.

Need Table Repair and don't have Paradox?

If you don't have Paradox, download our table repair file.
--Mike Prestwood

If you don't have Paradox, download our table repair file. You can purchase it from Corel, purchase any of the many commercial table repair utilities, or download one of the free Table Repair utilities available.

You can purchase any of the many commercial table repair utilities to process more than one table at a time. We recommend Chimney Sweep:

Borland offers a down-loadable Table Repair utility (and source code if you wish to write your own). Because which files to download is a bit confusing to newbies, we've made available the following download:

Paradox Table Repair Step-by-Step

If you own Paradox for Windows, you can verify and/or rebuild any table. The following are step by step instructions for repairing a Paradox table with Paradox for Windows. In this tutorial we will first verify the Customer table located in Paradox's Samples folder then rebuild it.

Verify Table Integrity or Rebuild Table

  1. Because table repair requires a full lock on each table it rebuilds, make sure all BDE users (Paradox and non-Paradox apps) have exited. Kick them out or wait unti after hours if necessary.
  2. [Optional] Check for and remove *.lck files.
  3. Open Table Repair. In Paradox 9, you select Tools | Table Repair...
    Paradox's Table Repair menu option
    This option brings up Table Repair...
    Paradox's Table Repair
  4. Select Browse to choose the table your wish to verify and/or repair. You'll notice you can browse to the table using Windows' file browsing system or you can select the BDE alias that contains the table.
    Table Repair Browse
  5. Select the customer table and press Open.
    Table Repair with a selected file.
    Notice that table repair reads the table header and provides basic information about the table. For example, it identifies the particular Paradox table version. In the case above, the File Format is Paradox 7.
  6. Select Verify and Table Repair will very the table header, index, and data then move onto each of your secondary indexes.
    Table Repair verifying a table.
    If the table passes the table verify, you will get the following dialog:
    Table verified ok.
    If the verify catches errors, this is where table repair will notify you.
  7. Whether or not you received errors, let's rebuild the customer table to demonstrate how to rebuild a table. Select Rebuild.
    Once Table Repair completes successfully, the following dialog is displayed:
    Verify ok.

    Followed by a dialog that informs you that a copy of the "original" table was backed up. I recommend you keep these copies until you verify your data. Perhaps even backup and archive these copies. If a copy already exists, Table Repair adds a number to the filename "(2)".
    Table Repair orig table copied.

Now that you've verified and rebuilt the customer table, you can rebuild your suspect tables.

More Info

KB Post:  BDE Best Practices: Safely Use Paradox Tables
FAQ:  Copy Paradox Tables with Confidence

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Comment 1 of 1

I occasionally have to repair a table - I usually notice this requirement when trying to change the default field data; restructure won't work until the table has been repaired. However after my recent experience I would like to recommend that before rebuilding a table, you should backup the corrupted table - obviously to a different location to your normal backups - because if the rebuild fails it is possible to do even more damage.

Usually when I repair a table I just let Paradox rumble happily away until it is finished but yesterday when I started a repair, I opened a new window and began working with another program. In the past, I have always left the Paradox screen open until the repair had finished but when I returned to Paradox this time  I discovered that the program had hung. I used Task Manager to end it, then reloaded Paradox to discover that all my filters had disappeared, my default fields were all empty and four records out of 120,000 had  vanished completely. Presumably, these were the records Paradox was actually working on when the program hung.

Fortunately, the table was backed up immediately before the repair and after copying it back and starting the repair again everything worked perfectly. But because of this I would heartily recommend:

1) Backup the table immediately prior to the repair.

2) Don't run anything else while Paradox is repairing.

I'm using Paradox 10 under Vista.

Posted 13 years ago
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Table Repair (a.k.a. TUtility) has both verify and rebuild options. It is sufficient to verify a table. If the table passes verification, there is no need to rebuild the table.

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