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Code Snippets

Completed Applications (with source code)

  • Felicia Keyboard Game
    By: Mike Prestwood
    Size: 18 KB
    This is a child's keyboard game for ages up to about age 4. All the keys are disabled except for the letters and the numbers. When the player presses a letter or number a random sound is genreated and the character is shown. This games teaches young ones to press just the character keys. It also demonstrates several techniques including disabling keys, displaying images, generating sounds, and generating random numbers. Taken from the CD that came with Paradox 7 Programming Unleashed. (Submitted by Mike Prestwood.)


  • Fields on a Form
    By: Mike Prestwood
    Size: 55 KB
    This animation demonstrates for interactive Paradox users how to put alot of fields on a form using a text box. (Submitted by Mike Prestwood.)
  • Starting ObjectPAL (AVI)
    By: Mike Prestwood
    Size: 347 KB
    This narrated animation shows interactive Paradox users how to get started with ObjectPAL. (Submitted by Mike Prestwood.)
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